Lexprompt WRITE is now fully integrated with Netdocuments DMS and has been officially listed on the Netdocuments marketplace. This version, WRITE Legal, is intended for professionals in the legal services industry.
Reliability and efficiency of NetDocuments cloud-based DMS has attracted hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. With WRITE Legal, users can leverage various features of NetDocuments and further improve workflow, convenience, and efficiency in legal work.

With WRITE Legal users can quickly and accurately find content in NetDocuments workspaces directly from MS Word. Users also can view files directly in a tabbed viewer integrated with MS Word and link those files to the document that is open in MS Word. For example, users can effortlessly link references, such as cases, evidence, etc., to a working document, such as a brief. When linked, all reference files can be quickly viewed, simply by opening the Word file with the brief.

For a free trial, download Netdocuments integrated version, Lexprompt WRITE Legal here.